Ali Garrigan Design

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When do I have to pay for my session?
A: You can pay for your session ahead of time or at the time of the session. There is no pre-payment required.

Q: Will you post my photos on social media?
A: I certainly can! Let me know if you’re on Facebook or Instagram and if you’d like preview images posted.

Q: How can I see my photos?
A: I’ll email you the gallery link with password when the entire session is edited - normally within 4 weeks of your session date. All digital images can be downloaded right from the online gallery.

Q: Can I make changes to my photos?
A: Various images will be loaded in either color or black and white, but if you’d like any switched up, just let me know. I’ll edit parts of the images that I find distracting, but if you see something in the finished images you’d like edited, just let me know and we can see if that’s doable. When ordering print products, you will also have the ability to rotate and crop the photos to your liking.

Q: How can I print my photos?
A: You can order professional quality prints right from your personal AGD gallery. Just create an account, pick your favorites and the photos will ship directly to you. You can also order discounted photo prints from, ask me for the info on how to do that!

If you purchased a print release, then you can also choose to download your high resolution files and print your photos wherever you like, just don’t forget to have a copy of the release.

Keep in mind that I only guarantee print quality if prints are ordered from your AGD gallery.

Q: Can I purchase a print release if I don't have one?
A: Yep! The cost per session is $50 for a print release and I can email it right to you. Then you'll just need to print it out and have it with you when you take your digital photos to your printer. It will also be available in your gallery after purchase.

Q: Can I get my photos on disk?
A: Yep! The cost per disk is $25, give me a call and I'll get it ready for you!

Q: How do I get my yearbook book photo to the school.
A: Once you pick out your photo, you can download it and send it in or I'd be happy to help out! Send me your school info or senior photo guidelines and we'll get in taken care of.